Merry Goosemas!

(I said this to one of my third graders as they left my classroom last Thursday. He got the biggest kick out of it and I heard him saying it to other kids as well.)

For years, my parents and my siblings and their spouses used to come to our house for Christmas breakfast. It was a tradition that I was hoping would continue. Unfortunately, it stopped due to what usually happens with family relationships – people squabble, feelings are hurt and people stop speaking to each other.

This year, I said “damn it all,” and told my parents that I really wanted them to come to our home for Christmas breakfast. It means a lot to my parents to see all of us kids together. My parents grew up in very dysfunctional environments. For them, family really is everything.

Relationships are complicated, but I think that it is up to each of us to try to work out those differences. My dad is 70 and my mom is approaching her 70’s. While both are very healthy, I also know that the reality is that things can happen in an instant. I really don’t want to waste my time fighting with my siblings. We are all better than that.

So, I’m starting the year anew, extending the olive branch. It just doesn’t feel right to have family over for breakfast and not have everyone there.



2 thoughts on “Merry Goosemas!

  1. Margaret says:

    We don’t have issues with parents, but do with siblings. Did it work out well?

  2. persephonesmother says:

    Older brother and his sons (my two wonderful nephews) and younger brother were here today. Everyone got a long. it just felt very weird not having my sister & her family here. My parents and I have a great relationship. My older brother and my sister – not so much. However, I always have hope that things will get better & our house is always open to mi familia!

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