When I first was elected to be president of the local where I work, I resolved to start mending the relationship between my district, the community and my union. It was one of my top priorities and so, when I sat in board meetings, I paid attention to who attended these meetings.

One of these people who regularly attended, I approached and over the course of my past four years, I thought we had developed a friendship.

Recently, developments have come about which has changed everything, which I would rather not go into online. Suffice to say that this community member, a person I thought was a friend, seems hellbent on destroying me personally.

It has been such an act of betrayal of which I’m still reeling from.

I don’t confide in many people. Like most friendships, you want to be able to share both frustrations and celebrations. It is appalling to me that someone you would consider a friend would think nothing of sharing information that you thought was in confidence.

I so want to believe in karma right now.


One thought on “Betrayal

  1. Margaret says:

    That is so disappointing and frustrating. I’ve had it happen too, but on a smaller scale. Sending hugs!

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