I was offended years ago, Arne Duncan

I want to know where were the white suburban moms when Bush 2 implemented No Child Left Behind with the help of DFER George Miller?

Where were they when Obama Administration instituted Race to the Top?

Or how about when Arne Duncan made the racist comment about Hurricane Katrina being the best thing to ever happen to education in New Orleans?

When school districts serving mostly urban kids had to make devastating cuts to many programs that those in suburban (read: wealthier) districts often did not, where was the outrage?

And, in being allowed to work in my urban with only an intern credential, when most of the districts around me would not have considered me without a full credential – you know, it’s about race. That is, I can teach kids of color with no experience because really, “what does it matter?”

Or even when Governor Brown proposed to give more funding to school districts that taught more children in poverty and ELL’s and school districts that for years had received more funding or could cover the costs of extras through community fundraising, the reactions from some in the suburban communities (read: usually more white/affluent) were really quite sad and depressing.

When there are harmful policies that impact students and their communities – there should be outrage, regardless of what that student population looks like. Quite frankly, I will be pissed if Arne Duncan loses his job over this comment as it will confirm to me that the opinions of white, suburban moms matter way more than the voices of those who do not look like them.


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